The latest building regulations came into effect in the summer of 2022, which provided an update on guidelines from the previously issued standard of 2016, known as Part L. A building regulations assessment, is required for all new build developments, where an assessment must be completed and passed as acceptable prior to works commencing. A final check will then be completed once the works are completed.
Our qualified assessors are able to provide an ‘As Designed’ assessment and simulation for your given development as well as provide an ‘As Built’ simulation once works are completed.
What do EPA need to complete this process?
  • A Floor Plan
  • An MEPH Specification
  • A Building Specification (to confirm Fabrics, Windows and Structural information)
We aim to complete our BRUKL assessments within 5 working days of receipt of the information, dependent on the project size, these timescales may vary.
Prices start from £600