When assessing a building for retrofit measures, we taking into consideration the following;
  1. Asset owners long term plan for the building
  2. Tenant Lease break events
  3. Disruption to tenants
  4. Feasibility of interventions
  5. Logistical constraints
Our specialist design engineers are able to model improvement measures using bespoke software to understand the impact that possible interventions will have to the overall EPC score for the asset along with consumption reduction calculations and carbon emission calculations.
We think outside the box, with the intention to try and retain what is currently installed, but make it better, to try and maintain operation until it reaches its end of life cycle.
Below is an example case study, where we attended site for client to review options available to them. In this case the building was fully tenanted, and occupied by different tenants across 5 floors. The client wished to understand what could be done to improve the efficiency of their building to an A rating.
The client wished to proceed with the measures detailed above, and requested assistance to produce a full digital twin for the building.
Here we were able to attend site with specialist 3D imaging equipment to create an as built 3D model for the building, providing a baseline to proceed with design as well as a model for the FM team to use with CAFM in mind for future planning for the building.